Break-O-Mat v1.1

Break-O-Mat (20 KB) reminds you in regular intervals to take a break. You can set work and break durations, postpone a break for a few minutes and interrupt your breaks whenever you like (through hitting Alt+F4). Break-O-Mat won't force you to take a break, but at least it encourages you to do so.

Break-O-Mat icon

QuickPad v3.92

QuickPad (39 KB) is a small and very fast Notepad-like application, which serves mainly for keeping temporary notes. It can be always running without being in your way, saves your notes automatically, is fully controllable through keyboard shortcuts and - as a special feature - divides (text) files virtually into several pages.

QuickPad displaying one page

"TinyApp" Edition: This version of QuickPad (29 KB) conforms to the "Green Award" from TinyApps.Org (no installation required, uninstall by just deleting it).

German Edition: QuickPad (39 KB) ist ein kleiner und schneller Notizblock. Das Besondere an QuickPad ist, dass es vollständig über die Tastatur bedient werden kann, und dass es eine einzelne Datei virtuell in mehrere Seiten unterteilen kann. [Bemerkung: Nur das Programm ist in Deutsch, die Hilfedatei wurde von der englischen Version übernommen.]


Program listed at Nonags and rated good. Program listed at Slunecnice and rated good (4 / 5 sunflowers).

NoSleep! v2.18

NoSleep! (19 KB) allows you to temporarily deactivate the screen saver and any sleep/standby feature directly from the system tray.

NoSleep! running in the system tray.


Installing ZPad (4 KB) will allow you to quickly edit any file with Notepad (or metapad - the best Notepad replacement I know) through the file's context menu.

Context menu of any file type...


Installing QuickDeskNote (4 KB) will allow you to create quick notes on your Desktop or in any folder - in the same way as you create a new file.

New message created on the Desktop

TheBeat v1.07

TheBeat (9 KB) displays the Internet Time from Swatch as a system tray icon (near Windows' own clock).

TheBeat running in the system tray.

VocabOne 02

VocabOne 02 is a vocabulary training program. It provides rich possibilities for learning and editing vocabulary libraries. A smart card box system makes you learn the difficult parts of your libraries better, while the easier parts are not repeated too frequently. Further on, there are many options in order to make the program fit all your needs, such as the flexible handling of multiple answers or the possibility to change the display font for languages using a different character set. Like this, vocabulary learning gets efficient and satisfying.

VocabOne 02 is available as Windows application in English, German and several other languages. For more information, vocabulary libraries and the full source code, please go to the VocabOne 02-page.

Deep Space Voyager GRAVITY

D.S.V. Gravity is a strategic gravitation game with the goal to complete missions under influence of planetary gravitation. Choose from hitting targets, scanning alien ships, diving into several planet's atmospheres or making very long runs. Play some very tricky random missions. Show your skills as a master over gravitation. Enjoy the beauty of the gravitational field. For more information, please go to the Deep Space Voyager GRAVITY-page.

Development Tools

The following tools have resulted out of a need while I was developing software and websites.

Universal DropHandler v0.9.2: UniDrop (10 KB) is an easy to use library which allows to create drop handlers for any file type and open the dropped files with any application. Like this you can easily use e.g. page templates as drop targets. You'll just have to add some entries to Windows' registry. Have a look at the documentation (5 KB) for further information and usage instructions.

zetup icon

zeniko's setup v1.10: zetup (26 KB) doesn't do anything but invoke Windows' installer on given .inf files, which may be produced from the provided template. Like this you'll get basic installation / uninstallation routines in under 10 KB (!). zetup is licensed under the GNU General Public License and comes with source code included.

VocabOne 02 is an example for how to use zetup. In fact I wrote zetup for VocabOne 02 because the setup routines provided by Visual Basic were far too large for what I needed.

zeniko's Corollary

Perfect software isn't.

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